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Victoria County, Ontario Canada Biographies -M-


Magwood, John (1848-1901). Born Cavan township. 1869, settled in Eldon. In business at Victoria Road. 1895, managing director, Victoria Loan and Savings Co., Lindsay. Justice of the Peace. Methodist. Conservative. Married Mary Staples of Eldon. Four children.

Makins, John (1833-1917). Born Kingston, Ont., 1852, first graduate apprentice of Kingston Locomotive Works. 1867, came to Lindsay and established foundry. Sold out, 1898, to John McCrae.

Mann, Donald Sir (1850). Born Acton, Ont. Foreman of lumber company at Fenelon Falls. 1880, became contractor in C. P. R. 1886, firm of McKenzie, Mann & Co. established, which ultimately built up the Canadian Northern Railway system.

Matchett, Thomas (1826-1900). Born Cavan township. 1846, began drug business in Omemee. 1850, married Letitia Jane Hughes. Two sons, two daughters. Treasurer of Emily. 1867, elected by acclamation M.P.P. for South Victoria and supported Sandfield Macdonald. 1875, appointed county clerk and treasurer of Victoria.

Matthews, George (1884-1914). Born Birmingham, Eng. 1851, came to Canada and farmed in Peterborough county. 1859, married Ann Smithson. Six sons, four daughters. 1860, settled in Lindsay, where after a time he founded a pork-packing business, later "The George Matthews Co. Ltd." with headquarters at Peterboro and plants at Hull, Peterboro, and Brantford. Took great interest in Baptist denominational work.

Matthews, George Sands (1867). Son of G. M. Born in Lindsay. 1895, married Frances Ratcliff. Three sons, one daughter. Director of Matthews-Blackwell, Ltd. Vice-Pres., Brantford Roofing Co. Treasurer, Niagara Silk Co.. Vice-Pres., Brantford Industrial Realty Co. 1911, President, Brantford Board of Trade. Baptist. Conservative.

Maunder, Joseph (1842-1918). Born Darlington township. Brought early to Manilla: Business at Glandine; carriage factory at Little Britain;. lumber business and flour mill at Lindsay. Two sons. Methodist.

Middleton, T. A. (1837-1900). Born Fermanagh. 1842, brought to Canada. Taught school. Grocery and greenhouse, Lindsay. District agent, Mutual Life Assurance Co.

Morison, John (1818-1873). Born Greenock, Scotland. 1849, settled as merchant in Woodville. Postmaster; township treasurer; reeve of Eldon; 1867, Liberal M. P. for North Victoria in first parliament of federated Canada.

McDonnell, William (1814-1900). Born Cork, Ireland. 1830, brought to Peterboro. Studied at Law School of Pennsylvania. Settled in Lindsay in forties, and founded a tannery, and later a store. 1852, supervised first census of Victoria county. J. P. for Ops. 1857, in Customs Office, Lindsay. Lt. Col. in militia. Composed both libretto and music for the 3 act opera, "The Fisherman's Daughter," put on at the Princess Theatre, Toronto. Wrote novels of a rationalistic character, "A Man From Mars," "The Heathens of the Heath," and "Exeter Hall," whose sale ran into the hundreds of thousands. Published two long narrative poems, "Manita" and "Cleopa."

McEvay, Fergus Patrick (1852-1911). Roman Catholic archbishop. Born Downeyville, Victoria co. Educated Lindsay Separate School, St. Michael's College, Toronto University, and Grand Seminary, Montreal. 1887, Rector St. Peter's Cathedral, Peterboro. 1899, Bishop of London, Out. 1908, Archbishop of Toronto.

McHugh, George Hon. (1845). Born Ops, son of Patrick McHugh, Sr., and Ann Walker. Married Margaret O'Neill of Peterboro. Two sons, one daughter. Past President Reform Association of South and West Victoria. 1896-1900, M.P. (Liberal) for South Victoria. 1901, appointed to Senate of Canada. Roman Catholic.

McHugh, John (1842-1897). Brother of G. McHugh. Married Margaret Falvey. Two sons, one daughter. 1867, went to Iowa. Founded Cresco Union Savings Bank. President Iowa Stock Breeders Association and director National Live Stock Association of America. Outstanding orator and active politician. 1892, appointed National Bank Examiner. 1895, President Iowa Deposit and Loan Co. Roman Catholic.

McHugh, Patrick (1818-1863). Born Ireland, son of Roger McHugh, a veteran of Waterloo. 1832, the family settled in Ops. 1842, married Ann Walker of Ops. Seven sons, six daughters. Represented Ops for several successive years on Council of United Counties of Peterboro and Victoria. 1863, first warden of independent county of Victoria.

McHugh, Patrick (1846-1902). Son of foregoing. Born in Ops. 1862, worked on Great Lakes. 1884, elected to territorial legislature of Minnesota. First county commissioner of Cavalier county, Minn. Member of constitutional convention. Registrar of deeds. Postmaster at Langdon, Minn. Large real estate and industrial holdings.

McIntyre, Duncan John (1841-1920). Judge. Born Tyree, Scotland. Twice married. One son, two daughters. 1847, brought to Canada. Educated in Mariposa schools and Toronto Normal. Taught 3 years. 1871, called to the bar and began practice in Lindsay. 1883-86, M.P.P. (Liberal) for South Victoria. 1890, Q.C. 1892, Police Magistrate of Lindsay. 1898, Junior Judge of Ontario county.

McKenzie, William Sir (1849). Born Kirkfield, Ont. Married Margaret Merry of Kirkfield. Two sons, six daughters. Educated P. S. and Lindsay Grammar School. Taught school, kept store, and contracted on G.T.R. 1880, went west and contracted on C.P.R., doing much work in the Rocky Mts. 1886, joined Donald Mann in founding McKenzie, Mann & Co. Developed Canadian Northern Railway system. President Toronto Street Railway. President Winnipeg Electric Railway. President Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Tramway Light and Power companies. Director of many other companies.

McKibbin, James (1808-1883). Born Belfast, Ireland. 1830, came to Canada. 1853, became manager Bank of Upper Canada in Lindsay. 1863, became division court clerk and crown lands agent, Lindsay. 1869, county auditor. 1876, one of first board of license commissioners.

McLauchlin, W. H. (1824-1904). Born Glengarry co. Came to Mariposa in early forties. 1850, married Philadelphia Pearson. 1885, bought out tanning and shoemaking business of his brother, A. A. McLauchlIn, at "The Creek," Oakwood. Ran mails for 24 years. Liberal. Methodist. Prohibitionist.

McLaughlin, John F. (1864). Son of John McLaughlin, of Cameron, Fenelon tp. 1889, gold medallist in philosophy at Victoria University, Toronto. 1891, lecturer in biology. 1892, gold medallist in divinity. 1893-94, post graduate course at Oxford and Leipsic. 1894, appointed professor of oriental languages, Victoria University. At present Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Professor of Old Testament Literature and Exegesis, Victoria University.

McLaughlin, R. J., K.C. (1860). Brother of foregoing. Taught school in Laxton and Mariposa. Studied law. Honor graduate and gold medallist of Law Society of Upper Canada. Took the most brilliant course ever recorded at Osgoode Hall. Medallist, with maximum marks on record, in each of the three years of his attendance. Unsuccessful Liberal candidate in North Victoria in federal election of 1895. Practiced in Lindsay till 1909, when he removed to Toronto. K. C. and corporation lawyer. Senior member in law firms of McLaughlin, Fulton, Stinson, and Anderson (in Lindsay) and McLaughlin, Johnston, Moorehead, and Macauley (in Toronto).

McLennan, John (1830-1916). Born Glengarry county, son of Roderick McLennan. 1855, graduated in Arts from Queen's University. 1861, founded hardware business in Lindsay. 1862, married Helen Scott of Martintown, Ont. Five sons, one daughter. Sheriff of Victoria co., 1885-1914. Presbyterian elder.

McNeillie, James Richardson (1846). Born Dumfriesshire, Scotland, son of James R. McNeillie, (a school teacher), and Rachel Kerr. 1853, brought to Canada. 1861-72, in Omemee, associated in drug business and municipal work with Thos. Matchett. 1872-75, in business dept. of Montreal Telegraph Co., Toronto. 1875-1900, Assistant Clerk and Treasurer, Victoria co. Since 1900, Clerk and Treasurer. A governor and sec'y-treas. of Ross Memorial Hospital. Chairman Lindsay Board of Education, 1891-99. 1909, President Canadian Conference of Charities and Correction. Conservative. Presbyterian. Married (1) 1872, to Esther Thornton (deceased) of Emily, and (2) 1882, to Loretta Gardiner of Morpeth. Three sons, one daughter.

McNeillie, James Kerr (1874). Son of J. R. McN. Educated at Lindsay and after 1891 in practical service with the G.T.R. and C.P.R. 1915, made General Superintendent, Canadian Government Railways. Since 1919, Superintendent of the Susquehanna Division, Delaware and Hudson Railway.

McNeillie, Ralph Gardiner (1883). Son of J. R. McN. Born Lindsay. Assistant General Passenger Agent, C. P. R., Winnipeg.

McPherson, Donald (1747-1857). Born Isle of Skye, Scotland. Sailor on man-of-war under Admiral Howe. 1821, came to Canada. Patentee settler on Lot 6, Con. IX, Ops. Never ill in his life. Died of old age at 110.

McRae, Duncan (1823-1879. Pioneer in North Eldon. 1872, elected Conservative M.P.P. for North Victoria. Large lumbering business at Bolsover.

McTavish, Rev. Dr. John (1816-1897.) Presbyterian minister. Labored 1854-74 in Eldon, Fenelon, Carden, Thorah, and Mara. Remarkable for fearlessness, physical strength, and intellect.


Victoria County

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