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Lambton County, Ontario Canada Names and Places 

It will be found by perusing the pages of this book that it narrates the formative period of Lambton County and a short history of its names and places, and in order that the reader may know the precise location of the county and places hereinafter mentioned, we herewith give its boundaries and something of their history.

Lambton County is situated along the extreme south western shore line of Lake Huron, this lake in fact forms its entire northern and northwesterly boundary, on the east lies the county of Middlesex, on the south the County of Kent, with the exception of the south westerly portion which is bounded by the Snycarte River, its entire western boundary being the St. Clair River.

Champlain saw Lake Huron for the first time in 1617 and he called the lake "Mer Douce" or sweet sea, referring to the waters not being salt. The old Indian name of Lake Huron was "Karegnondi." This name was given by the Hurons to the lake. The Iroquois name was "Canatara", later on some of the French maps called the lake, Lake Orleans and later still the name is given in French Maps as Lake Michigan or Huron, and afterwards the maps differentiate lake Michigan and Huron and show them as separate lakes.

Middlesex, the eastern boundary, was named after Middlesex, England. Kent County, on the south, was named after the Duke of Kent, father of Queen Victoria.

List of Towns and Places

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Lambton County Names and Places, Lambton County Council, 1925

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