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Heroines of Canadian History

The following sketches were originally pre-pared, without any idea of publication, in the form of an address to the Lennox and Adding-ton Historical Society, and it is at the request of that Society that I now consent that they appear in their present form. I regret that time and opportunity have not placed within my reach other records which must be in existence in different parts of our country. I feel confident that a careful search of all available documents bearing upon the early history of Canada would reveal many other striking illustrations of the heroic spirit of the early settlers.

For the information upon which these narratives are based, I desire to acknowledge my indebtedness to Parkman's Pioneers of France in the New World, Canniff''s Settlement of Upper Canada, Miss Machar's Stories of New France, Mrs. Currie's Story of Laura Secord, Miss FitzGibbon's A Veteran of 1812, Picturesque Canada, Dr. Ryerson's Loyalists of America and Their Times, Withrow's History of Canada, Lady Edgar's Ten Years of Upper Canada, Mrs. Wheeler's Story of Abigail Becker, and to Mr. J. C. Walsh, Managing Editor of the Montreal Herald, and Mr. C. M. Warner, President of the Lennox and Addington Historical Society.

W. S. Herrington. Napanee, Ontario, March 1st, 1909

Heroines of Canadian History, By W. S. Herrington, 1910


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