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Ministers and Churches in New Glasgow

The History of the churches in New Glasgow is largely the history of the Town, for they have played a foremost part in its life and growth.

In 1787 a log church was built on the West side of the river. This was used until 1803 when a frame church was erected at Irishtown. In 1834 the congregation was incorporated under the name of James Church and in 1852 a large wooden building was erected in the town of New Glasgow.

The first minister was the Rev. James McGregor, D. D. He came in 1786, and died in 1830. He was succeeded by Rev. David Roy, D. D., who came to Nova Scotia in 1830, and the following year was inducted minister of the congregation. He labored faithfully until laid aside by failing health in 1871. He died in. 1873, aged 82 years, having preached the gospel for forty years with great energy and power. Rev. E. A. McCurdy, D. D., was minister from 1871-1891. He was succeeded by Rev. James Carruthers, 1892-1904. Rev. G. Ernest Forbes, was inducted in 1904, and continues in charge.

On May 30, 1888, the new St. Andrew's congregation was organized. The ministers have been: Rev. Alexander Robertson, 1888-1896, and Rev. W. Mac. Thomson, 1897-1906. On Nov. 5, 1907, James Church and New St. Andrew's united under the ministry of Rev. G. E. Forbes, with the name First Presbyterian Church. On Nov. 5, 1912, the cornerstone of the First Presbyterian Church was laid on the site of old James Church. It was opened and dedicated to public worship, April 12, 1914. The congregation worshipped in. New St. Andrew's Church from June 1908 until the opening of their new church home.

St. Andrew's Congregation was formed from the Church at Fraser's Mountain, and Rev. Donald A. Fraser, was minister until 1837. Rev. John Stewart was the second pastor, 1838-1845. For eight years they were without a pastor after the disruption. Rev. Allan Pollock was settled there in 1853 and continued until 1875. The other ministers of this church have been: Rev. George Murray, Rev. George Coull, Rev. Archibald Bowman, Rev. S. J. McArthur, B. D. The present incumbent, Rev. James A. Ramsay, B.A., was inducted in 1898.

Primitive Church was an off shoot from James Church, and was organized, May 25, 1845. The first meetings were held in the old Temperance Hall. Primitive Church was built in. 1849 on the corner of Provost and McLean Streets. In 1848 Rev. George Walker arrived in Pictou from Scotland. He accepted a call to this church and was inducted Sept. 20, 1848. He was its only pastor. In 1873 the church was enlarged. In 1874 it was burnt. In 1845 Knox Church was built by the Free Church adherents. Rev. Mr. Stewart was the minister of Knox Church, 1845-1866. He was succeeded by Rev. John M. Macleod and Rev. Robert Cumming, D. D.

In the autumn of 1874, the year of the great fire, the two congregations got together and formed the United Church. They continued to worship in. Knox Church until January 9, 1876, when the present building was opened and occupied. Rev. Mr. Walker was minister of the United Church until 1878, when he was relieved by the settlement of Rev. E. Scott, the congregation making Mr. Walker, Pastor Emeritus. Mr. Walker was a preacher of great ability and power. He was a most faithful minister, and in every way adorned his calling. He died Feb. 4, 1884, in the seventy-ninth year of his age. Rev. E. Scott, D. D. retired in 1891, and was succeeded by Rev. Anderson Rogers, D. D., who was pastor from July 1893 to March 1908. Rev. John H. MacVicar, D. D. was minister from December 10, 1908 to March 17, 1912. Rev. J. MaCartney Wilson, B. D., was inducted in May, 1913. Peter A. McGregor has been treasurer of the United Church since its organization, and, for three years was treasurer of Primitive Church.

The First Presbyterian Church, Trenton, was organized in 1889 and the Church built in 1890. Rev. A. W. Thomson was pastor from 1889 to 1890; Rev. H. R. Grant, April 13, 1891 to April 1904; Rev. D. C. Ross, Nov. 8, 1904 to Sept. 1913. Rev. A. A. Macleod, present pastor, was inducted 1914.

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