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Jack Fontaine to Juvenile Settlement, Canada

JACK FONTAINE, a small fishing settlement in the district of Fortune Bay, Nfld., 46 miles from Burin. Pop. 35.

JACKSON, a post village in Grey CO., Ont., 6 miles from Owen Sound. It contains a store and an hotel.

JACKSON'S ARM, a small fishing settlement in the district of Twillingate and Fogo. Nfld., on Green Bay, 13 miles from Tilt Cove. Pop. 70.

JACKSON'S ARM, a small fishing station on the French shore, Nfld., 91 miles from Green's Pond. Pop. 30.

JACKSON'S CORNERS, Durham CO., Ont. See Kirby.

JACKSON'S MILLS, or COLD-BROOK, a post village in King's co., N.S., on Cornwallis river, and on the W. & A. R., 30 miles from Windsor. It contains several stores and mills. Pop. 150.

JACKSON'S ROAD, a post office in Kings co., N.S.

JACKSONTOWN, a post settlement in Carleton co., N.B., 8 miles from Woodstock. Pop. 250.

JACKSONVILLE, a post village in Carleton co., N.B., near the right bank of the River St. John, 4 miles from Woodstock. It contains 4 stores and a tannery. Pop. 300.

JACKSONVILLE, a settlement in Kings co., N.S., on the summit of the South Mountains, 5 miles from Aylesford. Pop. 120.

JACQUES CARTIER, a county of Quebec, on the island of Montreal, bounded on the S. by the River St. Lawrence and on the W. and N. by the River Ottawa. Area 56,032 acres. It is traversed by the G. T. R. Capital, Pointe Claire. Pop. 11,179.

JANETVILLE, a post village in Durham co., Ont., 10 miles from Bethany. It contains a woolen factory, 2 mills and 2 stores.

JANEVILLE, a post settlement in Gloucester co., N.B., 12 miles from Bathurst. Pop. 150.

JARRATT'S CORNERS, a post office in Simcoe co., Ont., 7 miles from Orillia.

JARVIS, a post village in Haldimand co., Ont., at the junction of the Canada Air Line and Hamilton and Lake Erie railways, 31 miles from Hamilton, 13 miles from Cayuga. It contains a telegraph office and 4 stores. Pop .400.

JASPER, Grenville co., Ont. See Irish Creek.

JEAN DE BAY, a small fishing settlement in the district of Burin, Nfld., on the west side of Placentia Bay, 12 miles from Burin. Pop. 40.

JEBOGUE, Yarmouth co., N.S. See Central Chebogue.

JEDDORE, a maritime village and settlement in Halifax co., N.S., on the S.E. coast, 42 miles from Halifax. Its inhabitants are largely engaged in the fisheries : also in shipbuilding. Pop. 1,643.

JELLY'S, a station on the B. & O. R., in Leeds co., Ont., 12 miles from Brockville.

JEMSEG, a post settlement in Queens co., N.B., on the St. John river, 49 miles from St. John. St. John steamers call here. Pop. 150.

JENKINS, a post settlement in Queens co., N.B., on the Washademoak River, 13 miles from Wickham. Small craft carry cord wood from here to the St. John market. Pop. 100.

JERSEY HARBOUR, a fishing station in the district of Fortune Bay, Nfld , 2 miles from Harbor Briton. Pop. 150.

JERSEY, a small village in York co., Ont., 14 miles from Newmarket. Pop. 50.

JERSEY, (River Chaudiere), a post village in Beauce co., Que., on the River Chaudiere, 13 miles from St. Francois. It contains an hotel, a store and several mills. Pop. 150.

JERSEYVILLE, a post village in Wentworth co., Ont., 4 miles from Lynden. It contains a planing mill and 2 stores. Pop. 150.

JESTICO, Inverness co., N.S. See Port Hood.

JESUS ISLAND, province of Quebec, 8 miles N.W. of Montreal, bounded by the Jesus and Prairie rivers, the branches of the Ottawa before it joins the St. Lawrence. Length 23 miles; greatest breadth 6 miles.

JIGGING HOLE, a small fishing station in the district of Trinity, Nfld., 5 miles from Trinity. Pop. 8.

JOB'S COVE, a fishing settlement in the district of Bay de Verds, Nfld., on the north shore of Conception Bay, 25 miles from Carbonear. Pop. 290.

JOE BATT'S ARM, a fishing settlement in the district of Twillingate and Fogo, Nfld.,5 miles from Fogo. Pop. 480.

JOGGIN MINES, a post Tillage in ' Cumberland eo., N.S., 4 miles from River Herbert. It has extensive beds of coal. A company has been working them for over 20 years. Pop. 250.

JOHN GILL'S HARBOUR, a fishing station in the district of Burgeo and La Poile, Nfld., 9 miles from Channel. Pop. 10.

JOHNSON, a post office in Grey co., Ont., 12 miles from Owen Sound.

JOHNSON'S, a post village in Huntingdon co., Que., on the G. T. R. (Lachine and Province Line division), 32 miles from Montreal. Pop. 50.

JOHNSON'S MILLS, a post office in Westmorland Co., N.B., 7 miles from Dorchester.

JOHNSON'S MILLS, or LAKEVIEW, a post village in Huron co., Ont., 19 miles from Park Hill. Pop. 100.

JOHNSON'S POINT, Annapolis co., N.S. See Webber's.

JOHN'S POINT, a fishing settlement at the head of St. Marys Bay, Nfld., 6 miles from Salmonier.

JOHNSTON, a post settlement in Queens co., N.B., on the Washademoak river, 22 miles from Gagetown. Pop. 100.

JOHNSTON'S, a small village in Colchester co., N.S., on the I. R., 4 miles from Truro. Pop. 30.

JOHNSTON'S RIVER, a post village in Queens co., P.E.I., 10 miles E. of Charlottetown. Pop. 200.

JOHNSTOWN, a district of Ontario, Grenville co., having S.E. the River St. Lawrence and traversed by the Rideau River and Canal, and by the Grand Trunk and St. Lawrence and Ottawa railways.

JOHNSTOWN, a village of the above district, in the S.E., on the St. Lawrence, 3 miles from Prescott. It contains a saw and grist mill, a carding and fulling mill, a shingle factory, and about 200 inhabitants.

JOHNTOWN, Grey co., Out. See Chatsworth.

JOHNVILLE, a post settlement in Carleton co., N.B., on Munquart river, V; miles from Bath. Pop. 500.

JOHNVILLE, a post village in Compton co.. Que., on Trout river, a small tributary of the St. Francis, 11 miles from Compton. It contains a store add saw and grist mill. Pop. 150.

JOLICURE, a post settlement in Westmorland eo., N.B., 11 miles from Sackville. Pop. 250.

JOLIETTE, a county in the W. part of Quebec, bordering on the St. Lawrence, has an area of 1,708,1(33 acres. It is drained by the River L'Assomption and several smaller streams. A railway of 12 miles connects its chief town, Joliette, with a harbor on the St. Lawrence. Pop. 23,075.

JOLIETTE, or INDUSTRY VILLAGE, a flourishing town in Joliette co., Que., on the River L'Assomption, near a waterfall of considerable height, 19 miles from L'Assomption, and on the St. Lawrence and Industry railway, 12 miles from Lanoraie. It contains large grist, saw, carding and fulling mills, an extensive foundry, a tannery, two telegraph and several assurance agencies, a number of stores, a college, convent, hospital and mechanics' institute, and large quarries of limestone. It is the business centre of 30 parishes, and has a market every Saturday which is largely attended. An extensive trade is done in grain and country produce, and in pine and spruce timber. A French weekly newspaper is published in Joliette. Pop. 3,047.

JONES' CORNERS, Elgin co., Ont. See Corinth.

JONES' FALLS, a hamlet in Leeds co., Ont. It has a store.

JONQUIERES, a post village in Chicoutimi co., Que., 12 miles from Chicoutimi. It contains 2 saw and 2 grist mills, and has a large lumber trade. Pop. 200.

JORDAN, a small village in Lincoln co., Ont., l miles from Jordan station. Pop. 200.

JORDAN, or ST. MARY'S, a post village in Lincoln co., Ont., on the G. W. R., 26 miles from Hamilton. It contains 1 hotel, 1 tannery, and 5 stores. Pop. 160.

JORDAN, Hastings co., Ont. See Millbridge.

JORDAN BAY, a post settlement in Shelburne co., N.S., on a bay at the mouth of Jordan river. Pop. 150.

JORDAN FERRY, a settlement in Shelburne co., N.S., on Jordan Bay, 4 miles from Shelburne. Pop. 200.

JORDAN RIVER, a post settlement in Shelburne co., N.S., 8 miles from Shelburne. Pop. 200.

JOSEPHBURG, a small village in Waterloo co., Ont., 4 miles from Petersburg. Pop. 75.

JUDIQUE, a post settlement^ in Inverness co., N.S., on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, 8 miles from Port Hood. Pop. 300.

JUDSONVILLE, a telegraph station in the co. of Grey, Out, between Owen Sound and Presqu'isle.

JURA, a post village in Lambton co., Ont., 7 miles from Widder. Pop. 50.

JUVENILE SETTLEMENT, a post office in Sunbury co., N.B., near Tracey.

Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America, Edited by P.A. Crossby, 1873


Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America

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