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Notes of a Twenty-Five Years Service in the Hudson's Bay Territory

I started from Stuart's Lake on the 22d of February, and arrived at Fort Alexandria on the 8th of March. Although the upper parts of the district were yet buried in snow, it had disappeared in the immediate neighborhood of the establishment, and everything wore the pleasing aspect of spring. Read more...

Chapter I. Journey to Norway House

Chapter II. Arrival At York Factory - Its Situation - Climate - Natives - Rein-Deer - Voyage To Ungava - Incidents of the Voyage - Arrival At Ungava - Situation and Aspect

Chapter III. Exploring Expedition Through The Interior Of Labrador - difficulties - Deer-Hunt - Indian Gluttony - Description of the Country - Provisions Run Short - Influenza

Chapter IV. Distressing Bereavement - Exploring Party - Their Report - Arrival of Esquimaux - Establish Posts - Pounding Rein-Deer - Expedition up George's River - Its Difficulties - Hamilton River - Discover a Stupendous Cataract - Return by George's River to the Sea - Sudden Storm, and Miraculous Escape

Chapter V. Esquimaux Arrive from the North Shore of Hudson's Strait, On a Raft - Dispatch from the Governor - Distress of the Esquimaux - Forward Provisions to Mr. E - Return of the Party - Their Deplorable Condition

Chapter VI. Trip to Esquimaux Bay - Governor's Instructions - My Report to the Committee - Recommend The Abandonment of Ungava Settlement - Success of the Arctic Expedition, Conducted by Messrs. Dease and Simpson - Return by Sea to Fort Chimo - Narrowly Escape Shipwreck in the Ungava River - Inhuman and Impolitic Measure of the Governor - Consequent Distress at the Post

Chapter VII. Another Exploring Expedition - My Promotion - Winter at Chimo - Obtain Permission to Visit Britain - Ungava Abandoned

Chapter VIII. Climate of Ungava - Aurora Borealis - Soil - Vegetable Productions - Animals - Birds - Fish - Geological Features

Chapter IX. The Nascopies - Their Religion - Manners and Customs - Clothing - Marriage - Community Of Goods

Chapter X. The Esquimaux - Probable Origin - Identity of Language from Labrador to Behring's Straits - Their Amours - Marriages - Religion - Treatment of Parents - Anecdote - Mode of Preserving Meat - Amusements - Dress - The Igloe, rr Snow-House - Their Cuisine - Dogs - The Sledge - Caiak, or Canoe - Ouimiak, or Boat - Implements - Stature

Chapter XI. Labrador - Esquimaux Half-Breeds - Moravian Brethren - European Inhabitants - Their Virtues - Climate -Anecdote

Chapter XII. Voyage To England - Arrival at Plymouth - Reflections - Arrive at the Place of my Nativity - Changes - Depopulation - London - The Thames - Liverpool - Embark for New York - Arrival - The Americans - English and American Tourists - England and America - New York

Chapter XIII. Passage From New York To Albany By Steamer - The Passengers - Arrival at Albany - Journey To Montreal

Chapter XIV. Embark for the North - Passengers Arrive at Fort William - Dispatch from Governor - Appointed to Mackenzie's River District - Portage La Loche - Adventure on Great Slave Lake - Arrive at Fort Simpson - Productions of the Post

Chapter XV. Statements in the Edinburgh Cabinet Library - Alleged Kindness of the Hudson's Bay Company to the Indians - and Generosity - Support of Missionaries - Support Withdrawn - Preference of Roman Catholics - The North-West Company - Conduct of a British Peer - Rivalry of the Companies - Coalition - Charges Against the North-West Company Refuted

Chapter XVI. Arrival of Mr. Lefroy - Voyage to the Lower Posts of the Mackenzie - Avalanche - Incidents of the Voyage - Voyage to Portage La Loche - Arbitrary and Unjust Conduct of the Governor - Despotism - My Reply to the Governor

Chapter XVII. Situation of Fort Simpson - Climate - The Liard - Effects of the Spring Floods - Tribes Inhabiting Mackenzie's River District - Peculiarities - Distress Through Famine - Cannibalism - Anecdote Fort Good Hope Saved by The Intrepidity of M. Dechambault - Discoveries of Mr. Campbell

Chapter XVIII. Mr. Macpherson Assumes the Command - I am Appointed to Fort Liard, but Exchange for Great Slave Lake - The Indians - Resolve to Quit the Service - Phenomena Of The Lake

Chapter XIX. Reflections - Prospects in the Service - Decrease of the Game - Company's Policy in Consequence - Appeal of the Indians - Means of Preserving Them, and Improving their Condition - Abolition of the Charter - Objections Answered

Chapter XX. Wesleyan Mission - Mr. Evans - Encouragement Given by the Company - Mr. Evans's Exertions among the Indians - Causes of the Withdrawal of the Company's Support - Calumnious Charges Against Mr. Evans - Mr. E. Goes to England - His Sudden Death

Chapter XXI. Sketch of Red River Settlement

Chapter XXII. Sir G. Simpson - His Administration

Chapter XXIII. Vocabulary Of The Principal Indian Dialects In Use Among The Tribes In The Hudson's Bay Territory

Notes of a Twenty-Five Years Service in the Hudson's Bay Territory, 1849


Canadian Indian Tribes


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