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Local Militia in Victoria County, Ontario Canada

Local Militia in 1828 and 1839

The first record to be found in the Archives at Ottawa of any militia organization affecting the townships now included in Victoria County is under the date of 1828. In that year the 2nd Regiment of Durham Militia, commanded by Lt. Col. Robert Henry, had Christopher Knowlson of Omemee as one of its captains, and numbered Wm. Cottingham, James Laidley, Samuel Cottingham, John Knowlson, Francis Henderson, and Wm. Fee among its lieutenants. This unit was called out in 1837, but took no part in the skirmishes of that uneasy year.

In 1839 all laws relating to the organization and training of the Militia were reduced into one Act. Under this statute a general re-construction of units took place. The land holders of Emily and Ups became the 4th Regiment of Durham Militia, and those in Verulam, Fenelon, Eldon, and Mariposa the 5th Regiment of Durham Militia.

4th Regiment of Durham Militia, Personnel of the Regimental Staff

5th Regiment of Durham Militia, Personnel of the Regimental Staff

The two units mustered 693 and 523 (all ranks) respectively.

Changes in 1847 and in 1851

In 1846 the Oregon Boundary dispute with the United States was made crucial by the mouthing of demagogues who clamored for "Fifty-four-forty-or-Fight." Under the tensity of this menace the Canadian government passed a new Militia Act and prepared to set its house in order in the event that hostilities should break out.

The townships of our present county became, in January 1847, part of a new organization. The militiamen of Emily, Verulam, and Somerville now constituted the 4th Battalion of Peterborough Militia, those in Ops, Fenelon, and Bexley the 5th Battalion of Peterborough Militia, and those in Mariposa and Eldon the 6th Battalion of Peterborough Militia. On the incorporation of Victoria County in 1851, these units became the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Battalions, respectively, of Victoria Militia.

4th Peterborough (later 1st Victoria) Battalion, Staff

5th Peterborough (later 2nd Victoria) Battalion, Staff

6th Peterborough (later 3rd Victoria) Battalion, Staff

Military Annals

Victoria County

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